About us

Fastgrow Finance has been operating as mortgage broking and consulting firm for clients in NSW and across Australia

Our goal is to find the perfect solution to your financial needs, with a team of highly experienced, award-winning brokers and support staff who have been in the industry for over 10 years. Through their hard work and dedication, our brokers have established fantastic relationships with Australia’s leading lenders. This means our customers receive the most competitive and flexible loan products available in the market

We are passionate about helping people achieve financial security and realise their dreams. Our core values are:


we provide a fair, reliable and transparent service for every customer


we honour our commitments to our customers, lending partners and staff


we always do the right thing and maintain strong ethical standards

Fastgrow Finance also believes strongly in collaboration with our customers and financial partners. We strive to understand our client’s goals, financial circumstances and provide them with a highly tailored solution. Most importantly, we continue to stay in touch to ensure they have the best loan product in the market.

Our team also maintains clear channels of communication with Business Development Managers at all of the leading banks. These long-term relationships are vital in finding the right loan product for our customers.

At Fastgrow Finance, we are always proud to hear how we have helped change the lives of our valued customers. It’s what makes us excited each and every day and why so many people choose us as their financial partner.

Mortgage Financial Solutions in Parramatta

Before undertaking a project, a detailed analysis of your goals and circumstances is performed, after which a specialist will tailor finance and mortgage solutions that do not just meet your needs but also ensure that you stay on top of your game.

As a conscientious team of professionals, we take the legwork out of the building, upgrade or downgrade of your investment portfolio, or getting a mortgage financial loan. We also believe in the value of education and constantly keeping our clients informed about the progress in mortgage, finance and other related products.

As a mortgage financial solutions provider, we uphold strong morale across the workforce to achieve long-term efficiency and productivity. Each member comes with a personal commitment to discipline and therefore reflects the same with the customers. We are always open to suggestions and improvements while providing leading finance and mortgage solutions and recommendations.

Mortgage financial service advice is available for home buyers, renovators, investors, refinanciers or commercial and business financiers. We practice transparency and cost-effectiveness as part of our values and keep all stressful bureaucratic processes out of the play.

Fastgrow Finance redefines people's accessibility to mortgage financial solutions by infusing technology into operations, making the process faster, simpler, and more manageable.

Our mortgage financial Service experts are available across New South Wales to provide timely and reliable recommendations for your home ownership and residential property needs. Reach out to our specialists today for more information on finance and mortgage solutions.

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