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Whether buying your first investment property or growing your portfolio, choosing the right investment loan for your property can really pay off. With our deep expertise and great relationships, Fastgrow Finance can take the hassle out of arranging your investment finance.

Whatever your property investment goals are, we’ll be on hand to explain all the different loan types and how they relate to your financial needs.

This means you can spend more time concentrating on growing your wealth and less time worrying about your loans.

Why use an Investment Loan Broker?

Investment property loans require a different type of consideration to a typical home loan. Given the interest on an investment property loan is tax-deductible, it’s vital your loan is structured in a way that maximizes any potential tax benefits.

For example, will a regular principle/interest loan provide you with the same loan term benefits as one with an offset account? Let the expert team at Fastgrow Finance manage your investment loan.

Investment Homes

Investment properties are estates or houses bought for commercial/rental purposes. If you want to use the property for commercial purposes and/or rent out to tenants, you might require a loan to support the purchase. Investment properties are purchased with the intention of creating a source of income through renting them out to tenants. It may be an individual house or an apartment building with multiple facilities and tenants. Australia is home to a considerable population of young working people, who may not be able to take loans for buying a house right away - but are keen on finding rental options.

Financing Investment Properties

In Australia, investment properties can be a great investment from both the perspective of owners and tenants. However, it can be hard for the owner to finance this all by themselves, and they might need loans to execute their plans. Most banks implement steeper interest rates for commercial property loans and investment property loans. The methodology of facilitating investment loans is also more complicated than getting private loans. The reason is quite simple and can be seen in every lending system across the world. Commercial property is always at a higher risk than private property because it is used by multiple people. It may not be that easy to get investment property loans after all.

Best Loans for our Clients

This is where we come in - at Fastgrow finance, our team is always facilitating financial solutions and loans for our clients. We are resourceful and maintain connections with all the top banks in Australia. We will get you the best interest rates on investment property loans. We are based out of New South Wales, contact us today.

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